Top 7 Day 4x4 Adventure Southern Vietnam

Want to take an amazing, unforgettable journey through the stunning coastal roads of Mui Ne and spectacular mountain twisties of the Central Highlands, using something other than a motorcycle? Maybe you ride and your partner doesn't, or vice versa, and you still want to take an adventure trip together? We have the answer.

Reserve your "Top 7 Day 4x4 Adventure Southern Vietnam" trip package with us, and you will have a trip like no other: private and customizable trip.

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The Freedom Drive of the Central Highlands

If you're not a motorcycle rider, or if you ride and your partner doesn't, no need to feel left out! With our 4x4 adventure travel packages, you can visit all of the incredible places on our Vietnam trips whether you do it on two wheels or four.

Reserve your 4x4 Central Highlands Adventure Package with us, and you'll experience the absolutely stunning sites of the Central Highlands, Ho Chi Minh Trail along Truong Son Mountain Ranges from the safety and comfort of a 4x4 pickup or SUV. 

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Thrilling 4x4 Adventures in Vietnam

Imagine the thrill of exploring mountains, jungles, and remote villages.

While Vietnam Riders originally just specialized in motorcycle tours, we also understand that not everyone is as comfortable on 2 wheels as our typical client. However, that adventuresome spirit exists whether you're behind a set of handlebars or grasping a steering wheel, and that is exactly why we're excited to offer you these 4x4 tours and adventure travel packages!

Whether you ride a motorcycle or a 4x4 Car, we want everyone to experience the amazing journeys we have available. If your idea of breathtaking exploration includes getting out and actually "seeing" the world, instead of looking at it from a hotel balcony or through the windows of a bus in a foreign country, our trip options should get your excitement level running into the red. From driving through challenging terrain like the Central Highlands Mountains and to the jungles along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, we have a variety of unforgettable adventure tours for the daring traveler in you.